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Veteran Owned Fishing & Guide Service – North Carolina

Father & Son – North Carolina Fishing & Guide Service Active-duty, First Sergeant Robert Cross Sr. is one of America’s career veterans. He’s also a proud father of two who enjoys the peace of the outdoors and like so many of our military, he’s very well-traveled. During his service to our country he’s completed multiple

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Atlantic City Boat Show Mar 1-5, 2017

Are you looking for a new Sundance? Visit our friends Blue Water Boats & Schrader Yacht Sales at the Atlantic City Boat Show Mar. 1-5, 2017.

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What is a Skiff?

If you’ve ever come to understand the expression, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” You’ve most likely accepted that sometimes we can overlook obvious answers to even the simplest questions.

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Sea Born Boys Fishing

Owner Spotlight: Beaches Fishing Charters Jacksonville Florida

Fishing Charters Jacksonville Florida Fishing as a kid in Long Island, Cpt. Jeff Wansor was no stranger to hooking Stripers and Bluefish on Smithtown Bay in New York. A native of the Northeast, Wansor moved to Jacksonville Beach, Florida in 1973 where he spent time along the inter-coastal waterway fishing, shrimping, and camping on the

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Sundance Charter Fishing Florida

Owner Spotlight: Florida Fishing Adventures

Charter Fishing Crystal River Florida Florida Fishing Charters Being a native of Crystal River Florida has its perks; for starters there’s over 15 commercial fish species, there’s beautiful waters, and as one might imagine, no shortage of fishing hot spots. If you were born or live there and have a passion for fishing, you’re the

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Flat Bottom Skiff in Tight Turning

Flat Bottom Boat Advantages

No matter how slick the sales pitch is, don’t believe the hype, the perfect boat doesn’t exist. However, the best boat for you isn’t unreachable which is why we’re focusing this post on the advantages of the flat bottom boat.

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