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An Interview with “Doc” Gruber of Bimini’s Shark Lab

To say Dr. Samuel H. Gruber (“Doc”) of the Bimini shark lab is a unique individual is an understatement. He’s a bit of a renaissance man, a pilot, former ballet dancer,

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Fishing Skiffs, Center Consoles, Flats Boats – Confused Yet?

Occasionally while on the road as a truck and boat passes by, my lovely wife asks me, “baby what kind of boat is that?” For the record, I’ve answered that question dozens of times.

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A Different Kind of Fishing at the Bimini Shark Lab

The Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation (BBFSF), commonly referred to as, ‘Shark Lab’ is a non-profit organization which researches sharks and other marine animals to identify

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3 Reasons Why Science Says You’ll Buy a Boat

According to the white coat Harvard scientist and hipster marketing gurus, supposedly there are only three driving factors that motivate us humans to make purchases.

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1 Sundance + 1 Drone = Big Fun

One of our loyal Sundance owners sent us this gem. This video has absolutely convinced all the staff here at Sundance that we have to get a drone and have a little more fun during our photo shoots.

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