Sundance Boats – Questions & Answers

How do I register my boat??
Click on the Owners Registration section at the top or bottom of the page. If you are a first time owner on a new boat, this will serve as your warranty registration. If you are registering a used boat as the new owner, we will research the ownership chain and reply by email. The warranty transfer fee is $200.00. Model year 2007 boats have a 10 year warranty. The last 2 digits of your serial number is the model year. Model year boats of 2000 to 2006 had a 5 year warranty. Model year boats of 1993 to 1999 had a 3 year warranty.
What is the correct propeller size for my boat?
We publish propeller charts and engine mounting heights for each boat on the boat model page. Click the Manual tabs to download the document.
What is the proper trailer for my boat?
The trailer size and specification charts are located on the Manual tab section of each Boat Model page. We do not recommend roller style trailers for boats with cored bottoms. These include all the Sundance skiff boats as well as the Spyder FX17 and FX19 and the Sea Born NX17 and NX19.
How many people can I carry on my boat?
Safety is the number one concern here. Never exceed what you feel safe with. A good guide to begin with is the capacity plate on your boat. Boats 20\' or under have a maximum person capacity printed on the capacity plate. Safe load is ultimately determined by the captain and by conditions. A safe load in the harbor or on a small lake may be too much out on a rough ocean. Use common sense no matter what the capacity plate says. Also remember that not all people are equal in weight and a capacity plate\'s person capacity is always based on an average weight. Because of this you may be able to exceed the rated number of passengers if you have several small children, and you may need to limit the people if you have a couple of big buddies on board that day. Another consideration is how many logical and safe locations you have for people to occupy. Even if you have the weight carrying capacity to put eight people on board you shouldn\'t do so if that means some of them would be required to sit on the edge of the boat.
What are the prices for a new boat?
We publish a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price for our boat. On each Boat Model page click on the MSRP tab to download the document. Treat these prices as a general guideline when comparing boats or options. The MSRP does not include a boat trailer, Sales Tax, Tag or Title, or freight from the factory to the Dealership. Your Dealer may have added options to the boat once he received it.
Who do I contact to service my boat?
To get your boat serviced, we recommend that you contact the dealer you purchased the boat from. If this is not possible, contact the nearest dealer to you. In order to do so, type your zip code in the search box at the top of this page.