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During testing a Sundance Boat was cut in half placed in a pond and loaded with several of our staff members. It never sank!

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At Sundance we are committed to building you a quality shallow draft skiff. Our new factory in Blackshear, Georgia is one of the most modern, efficient and environmentally compliant factories in the USA today.

Our proven sealed double hull construction and I -Beam stringer system begins in our climate controlled foam injection department. Using computer controlled process equipment, the I -Beam Stingers and transom cores are reacted in high pressure steel cavity molds. Stringers and transom cores are then removed from the molds and inspected before placement in the boat. Many companies simply inject foam into hidden cavities and are unable to inspect the finished product. No other boat company in the world uses as many or as sophisticated steel injection molds as Sundance Boats.

 We build every one of our boat molds in-house from a wood master pattern. These molds are then coated with a copolymer release agent. We built the finest high flow paint booths and utilize the latest designs in flow-coater technology to achieve a superior gel coat finish in all Sundance Boats. After the gel coat and a skin coat of fiberglass are applied, and the strakes are filled with fiberglass putty, the high density urethane foam transom core is glassed in place. Our transom core is the strongest and most durable on the market today. Then we hand lay woven roving in the hull and begin laminating the foam I -Beam stringers. More layers of woven roving go on top of the foam preforms to make a solid integrated sandwich that is incredibly strong and virtually unsinkable. The hull is made entirely of fiberglass and structural foams - there is no wood in the hull structure to rot. After the hulls and decks are pulled from the molds, these parts are joined together with associated hardware in our final assembly department. At Sundance we are proud to build nothing but shallow draft fishing skiffs - that’s what we do - that’s all we do.