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Active-duty, First Sergeant Robert Cross Sr. is one of America’s career veterans. He’s also a proud father of two who enjoys the peace of the outdoors and like so many of our military, he’s very well-traveled. During his service to our country he’s completed multiple tours including one combat assignment, has lived in eight states and set foot in over twenty-eight countries around the globe.  Slated to retire next year after twenty-two years in the Marines (and arguably a world tour), he’s turning his passion for fishing and nature to his next adventure, Pog Mo Thoin Guide Service LLC.

“Pog Mo Thoin”, like Cross is of Gaelic decent and interestingly translates to a whimsical,  “Kiss My Butt”.  Levity aside, the guide service is serious business with this father and son team which includes Bobby Jr. (a high school freshman with a junior coast license) who’s worked the shores of North Carolina for the past year and a half. Together from their Sundance B18 CCR, the duo offers inshore and near-shore fishing on spinning and fly rods, shrimping, cast net lessons, nature watching, sand bar and beach tours and more.

As for the motivation, First Sgt. Cross cites that one of the most rewarding parts of guiding is taking other veterans and their families out on the water, especially those that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s pledged to volunteer his services to combat veterans for community sponsored events. Likewise, Pog Mo Thoin offers discounts to military and uniformed services.

Fondest Boating Memory:

Fishing behind a shrimp trawler watching thousands of sharks feed and subsequently catching and releasing over 10 on the day and my son saying that he was tired and could not fish any more that day because he was exhausted.

When asked why he chose Sundance over other boat brands Cross said:

After consulting with my dealer Goose Creek Marine, Newport NC, and hearing great reviews about Sundance boats, it was a no brainer to choose this boat over the competitors.  I would buy and recommend to all my colleagues and friends to buy a Sundance boat over and over again.



2015 Sundance B18 CCR w/ T-Top
2015 Yamaha F75LA
Lowrance Elite 5 GPS
Fusion Radio
Cobra Hard-Mounted & Hand-Held VHF Marine Radio
2015 Road King Trailer


Pog Mo Thoin Guide Service LLC


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