Featured Skiffs


The B20 CCR is a center console skiff sporting an open layout making it a superior fishing boat. For more info, find a local dealer near you.

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The 2′ upgrade to our B20 model offering a finished looks and plenty of storage. The B22 is great for fishing or play and has a spacious deck layout.

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Built for fishing but also considering the needs of the family, the DX18 is our premier liner version of the B18 hull with dozens of upgrades.

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Incredibly stable and wide with a large center console, the DX20 has considerable room to fight fish, relax, or just to enjoy the ride.

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  • Atlantic City Boat Show Mar 1-5, 2017

    Are you looking for a new Sundance? Visit our friends Blue Water Boats & Schrader Yacht Sales at the Atlantic City Boat Show Mar. 1-5, 2017. Read more…

  • What is a Skiff?

    If you’ve ever come to understand the expression, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” You’ve most likely accepted that sometimes we can overlook obvious answers to even the simplest questions. Read more…

  • Flat Bottom Boat Advantages

    No matter how slick the sales pitch is, don’t believe the hype, the perfect boat doesn’t exist. However, the best boat for you isn’t unreachable which is why we’re focusing this post on the advantages of the flat bottom boat. Read more…