A Different Kind of Fishing

at the Bimini Shark Lab
Sundance Bimini Shard Lab

A Different Kind of Fishing at the Bimini Shark Lab

South Bimini, Bahamas

The Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation (BBFSF), commonly referred to as, ‘Shark Lab’ is a non-profit organization which researches sharks and other marine animals to identify at-risk species both in the United States and the Bahamas. Shark lab’s research is used to influence policy makers to enact and establish preserves and other conservation efforts to protect marine environments; a big job with global implications.

Working at shark lab, the words, “hands on” bring forth new meaning as researchers and volunteers are up close and personal with the ocean’s top predators on a daily basis. For most, the proximity to all those teeth would be beyond terrifying, but for the crew of BBFSF, it’s simply part of a day’s work.

As one might imagine, the demands of marine research are considerable with the shark lab staff logging hundreds of hours per year on the water. And while the marine ecosystem benefits the conservation their efforts, the equipment used by the researchers and staff is pushed to the limits daily.

To meet the demands of a life of work on the water, shark lab relies on a fleet of Sundance Boats to get the job done.

Shark lab’s thoughts on their Sundance Boats:

Since 2008 we continue to be amazed at the craftsmanship and durability of Sundance boats. The two additional 20” boats that were added to the fleet in 2012 have become a firm favorite for the staff.

The nine vessel Sundance fleet includes:

3 X 16” ft. Sundance – Mercury 40 HP
2 X 17” ft. Sundance – Mercury 50 HP
4 X 22” f.t Sundance – Mercury 115 HP

To say we are proud is simply an understatement. We are thrilled beyond measure to be part of such an amazing effort. We realize the importance of what the folks at shark lab are doing and the fact that they are using Sundance it just makes us smile. It’s nice feel like we are helping and making a difference for the marine environment.” said, Wally Bell found and CEO of Composite Research.

For more information on Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation “Shark Lab” visit them online at: http://www.biminisharklab.com

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Photos by Matt Potenski & TJ Ostendorf

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