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3 Reasons Why Science Says You’ll Buy a Boat

According to the white coat Harvard scientist and hipster marketing gurus, supposedly there are only three driving factors that motivate us humans to make purchases. Meaning every boat, candy bar, song download, or wedding dress EVER bought was because of how each of those items selectively appeal to our needs and wants. So assuming the big brains and fancy reports have it right, let’s look at how the “big 3 appeals” will drive you to purchase a boat.

1) Time
There’s a definite stretch of even the most creative marketing minds to say that a boat will save you time. As any boat owner can attest, at the end of the fun, everyone leaves and that’s when the captain becomes the first mate. Following the clean-up ritual and promising to scratch a few names of the next passenger manifest (for not helping), there’s a certain peace of mind that comes from a day on the water. Simply put, it’s quality time.

Out on the water, there’s always conversation, laughter, and time well spent with a somewhat captive audience. The time clock is nowhere to be seen and mobile phones are replaced with fishing poles and tow toys; you’re in captain’s chair and the chief executive officer of your own floating social network.

Reality, a boat won’t save time, but it will deliver the opportunity for some of that much needed, “me” or “we” time.

2) Health
One thing you’ll never hear an action hero say, “Step away from the keyboard if you want to live” but your doctor certainly will. With our lives engulfed with recorded DVR shows, backlit screens, emails, text messages, and status updates, there’s considerable value in just going outside. Circling back to the Harvard white coats, they claim “50% of men and women over the age of 65 are vitamin D deficient.” Now if you’re thinking, “I’m not 65!” you will be, or you have been, and the truth is as we age, we spend less and less time outside.

Vitamins aside, the state of California’s Resources Agency says, “an estimated 7 in 10 American adults are not regularly active during their leisure time.” That statistic is certainly is no surprise, but if we couple it with learning by poor examples, there’s a clear root cause as to why kids don’t want to enjoy a day in the sun.

As for your floating escape, one of the greatest features of any boat, it won’t work so well indoors. The point, a good boat is a great investment towards stress relief (and some sunlight) for the entire clan.

3) Money
If you haven’t heard the expression, “the best day in a man’s life is when he buys a boat, the next when he sells it”, you’ve probably just started looking. The naysayers aside, the cost of typical family recreation, energy, groceries,  and just about everything else is on the rise. If you’ve made the unfortunate mistake of recently taking the family for a movie and an some ice cream, you’ve no doubt wondered where your $200.00 went. Twenty dollar popcorn aside, inflation isn’t going anywhere but up, and many are finding solace in investing in more permanent recreation as a measure to establish a predictable budget for the family fun money.

So how will you save? Well considering that interest rates are extremely low you can finance your purchase at those lower rate. Next, mix in aggressive manufacturer and dealer incentives and boat buying for less is a reality.

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